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I first met Balintawak Arnis Escrima GM Bobby Taboada in Vancouver, Canada sometime in 1995 the night before his very first training seminar in this city. He visited our Filipino Martial Arts club with assistant Rick Mitchell and were kind enough to conduct a 2-hour training for us and introduce us to Balintawak. At that time, our club's training program included Indonesian Pencak Silat and Filipino Kali. He respectfully asked me, "What do you know about the art ?", my reply was...just the basics. He then said, "OK, I will teach you and your students the basic's of Balintawak." We practiced the 12 basic strikes and 12 basic defenses then applied them in 2-person drills. Throughout the 2 hour session I kept saying to myself that this was just another drill and just another Filipino Martial Arts instructor. All these would change in 5 minutes as after the class, GM Taboada and his assistant demonstrated their Art with precision, power and intensity. I have never seen the Art demonstrated with such precision, control and intention. I quietly said to myself, "this is the Art I am looking for." I went home that night thinking about what I and my students have seen and experienced that night.

I have sought out other practitioners and teachers of Balintawak and have come to a conclusion that this Art has definitely something positive to offer. Something I can cultivate and develop for the rest of my life. My whole family will benefit from it as well. I will further develop the Balintawak basic's that GM Taboada has shared. I would also like to mention that in the 9 years that I have known

GM Taboada, he never once asked or forced me to go through the complete program. He respected my decision to concentrate on the basic's. For that, I even respected him further.

I have always kept an open mind in my quest for knowledge in the martial arts since 1973, always taking the opportunity to learn from different teachers and practitioners of the combat arts. I highly respect all of them.

I have made it a commitment to attend GM Taboada's training whenever he is in Vancouver and have made the recommendation to my students and associates to take the opportunity as well. I have adapted some of his training methods, concepts and drills and include them in my seminars. I highly recommend GM Taboada's training method and is very well suited to military and law enforcement personnel due to it's simplicity and directness.

GM Taboada is a humble, kind and giving individual. He has been a sincere friend the past 9 years. We have kept in communication all these years and I also appreciate the impromptu private lessons, house visits and for taking time to visit our family, specially our youngest daughter who had cancer.

I will always treasure the man and the art.

Louie D. Lindo
Head Instructor
Ikatan Kali/Eskrima Association

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